Coaching is a creative, solution-focused, skills-building approach to mental health support. It focuses on EMPOWERING the client, rather than trying to fix what’s “wrong” with them.

After close to twenty years experience in the mental health field, I believe it is imperative that we shift to an approach that respects individual experiences, celebrates strengths and honours self-knowledge.

  • Get to know who you really are, minus everyone’s expectations
  • Stop seeing yourself (and others) as bad or broken
  • Identify doable, practical changes that make you feel better
Close up of a light pink rose in a person's hands. The person is wearing a black leather jacket of which you can see the cuff folds.
Close up of the back of a black hoodie worn by somone whose face cannot be seen. On the back of the hoodie is the phrase "Boys get sad too" repeated 5 times.

I offer coaching for individuals, couples and families. Sessions can be done online or in-person in Carleton Place, Ontario.

Are you a parent navigating challenging behaviours and moods at home? Family Coaching can help you…


  • Gain a deeper understanding of challenging behaviours
  • Identify creative (and easier than you think) solutions
  • Build a home environment that fosters cooperation and respect
  • Connect more authentically with your kids and have more fun!!

Session Fees:

Families & Couples: $175 / 80 minutes
Individuals: $130 / 50 minutes

Low-Cost Tuesdays for anyone: $50 / 50 minutes


If you’re interested in working together, you have options for your next step:

Everyone experiencing mental health distress deserves someone who is ON THEIR SIDE. That I can promise you. I will believe in you, trust you and encourage you.

Let’s navigate your mental health together!

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