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Grounded Writing – A practice to get words on the page

This short and simple audio recording will transform your writing experience! All you need to do is open up a new blank document, press play on the audio and follow the instructions. What happens next is almost magic: you’ll overcome writer’s block, write with more flow and rhythm, and bring more heart to your words. I have used this process with hundreds of women and it has transformed their writing experience, leading them to use this simple practice again and again when they write (and edit).  This is a must-have in any writer’s toolbox!

Parrish has an amazing process that is so simple and works!

Mia Moran

Founder of Plan Simple Meals

I have hang-ups with my writing since working in a newsroom and beaten over the head by the Grammar Police and the AP Style Book. Parrish has a wonderful technique to get you out of your head and words on the page.

Liz Applegate

Mama Truths – A journey through post-partum depression

Once upon a time, with a tantruming toddler and a new baby on my hip, I decided to follow my dreams of entrepreneurship. Little did I know, post-partum depression was joining me for the ride. And, I decided to write about it. Because that’s what I do.

I called the blog Mama Truths and I shared my hardest moments as a mom – the worst days, my deepest truths. Comments and emails came flooding in from so many mothers who were also struggling, who saw themselves in the pain I shared. Finally, I knew I wasn’t alone. 

Then, with my youngest 3 years old and many of my dreams realized, I put together some of my best posts from that time with reflections on it all from this later vantage point: As a mama no longer suffering. Click here to download this FREE mini-book.

Women Who Inspire Anthology

Women Who Inspire is a best-selling anthology with stories from over twenty different women from all walks of life. I know you will be moved, even transformed by the truths between these pages and it’s my hope that our willingness to be vulnerable inspires you to tell your story one day too.

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