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The final Write Joyfully workshop has been sold out.

New writing workshops will be announced once they become available.


This full-day online workshop is your solution to getting your wonderful words out of your head and onto the page. Take a day to write with me and a small group of amazing female entrepreneurs like yourself. We’ll spend the day together on a Google Hangout with the creative spirit high and the get-it-done vibe leading the way!

It’s time to carve out a day to finally get your beautiful and powerful words written so you can share your message with the world.

Here’s how it works:

Woman writing on notepad, creating with confidenceDuring the first hour of the workshop you’ll experience my simple, beautiful and amazingly effective signature writing process. I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is going to change your writing life! Your writing will be easier and faster using my technique (think: writing pages and pages without stopping).


For the remainder of the workshop you’ll write. And write. And write. Motivated by the creative group spirit you’ll craft your words with love, ease and joy.


You’ll also have 1:1 time with me to edit your work and tackle any struggles you’re facing, with the guidance/cheerleading/ass-kicking you need to get the words that live in your heart out onto your page.


Before Write Joyfully, I dreaded writing, as it would take me weeks to write content. Using Parrish’s writing process I wrote a blog post in 30 minutes and it has gotten a great response from my audience. Now I feel more confident and actually look forward to writing more!

Kirsten Adler

Founder of Explore Movement

If you ever struggle with getting down to writing, take this workshop with Parrish. It's the perfect classroom to get it done with fabulous on the spot editing so that you finish the day with a finished product. Can't wait for the next one!

Linda Ugelow

Transformational Life and Business Coach

Parrish has an amazing process that is so simple and works!

Mia Moran

Founder of Plan Simple Meals

And because crafting fabulous content requires both prep-work and follow up, I’ve added a few resources that will help you prepare effectively for the workshop and continue your success after we wrap up.


Before the workshop you’ll get access to the Write Joyfully Planning Workbook (value $79), so you can start the day knowing what you’re going to write and how you’re going to make it speak to your audience. In this workbook you’ll find outlines and structures for writing blog posts, creating email nurture sequences, crafting website copy and even how to get started writing your book. This is a resource that you will be able to use over and over again as your business grows!


And after the workshop you’ll get access to the Write Joyfully Alumni Facebook Group where you can continue to connect with myself and past workshop participants. This is a really powerful way to stay accountable and strengthen your writing. I host seasonal complimentary workshops for alumni as well as give regular ongoing support and writing challenges. You also receive Alumni pricing on all future Write Joyfully workshops.


You’ll also gain access to the Write Joyfully Goodies Page filled with the information and resources you need to write well and share your writing with the world. I’ve interviewed leading experts on social media, Facebook ads and book publishing to help you meet your exposure goals and am also always adding new resources as I find them. 


Trena White, Book Agent
Claire Pelletreau, Facebook Ads Expert

This workshop is right for you if…

  • you’re frustrated because you can’t find the time to write
  • you’d like to write in a more meaningful and powerful way
  • you’ve lost the enthusiasm you used to write with
  • you experience writer’s block
  • you take hours or even days to write a simple piece

This workshop is NOT for you if…

  • you aren’t open to constructive criticism and coaching
  • you aren’t interested in trying new writing techniques
  • you struggle to use online technology
  • you can’t commit to the whole workshop
  • you don’t want to write with greater ease and joy

This is a 5 hour, intensive workshop focused on the creation of meaningful content that will inspire greatness in your audience.

The investment for the workshop is $247 and includes the workbook and post-workshop resources.


I thoroughly enjoyed the Write Joyfully workshop. Parrish’s style of coaching made writing simple and fun. Parrish helped me to focus, get out of my head and she was very encouraging. By the end of the workshop, I had 2 pieces ready for posting. I highly recommend this workshop and will definitely take it again.

Patricia Petersen

Owner of The Petersen Wellness Clinic & Registered Acupuncturist

Write Joyfully was a pleasure to participate in. Parrish so effortlessly holds the space for everyone to participate openly. It was really not what I had expected - it was even better! And...I don't consider myself a writer at all - this process made writing easy for me! I'm so grateful to have been a part of this workshop!

Adrienne Janssen

Leafflipper Coaching & Consulting

The confidence and support in this workshop is amazing! I felt really empowered when I left that day. I went in really nervous and insecure then came out thinking "oh I can rock this!" I will definitely take this workshop again.

Kayla Rose

Website & Graphic Designer

I have hang-ups with my writing since working in a newsroom and beaten over the head by the Grammar Police and the AP Style Book. Parrish has a wonderful technique to get you out of your head and words on the page.

Liz Applegate

Let me first say, I am not a writer! I tried Parrish Wilson’s writing process for my first ever blog post. Parrish took me through the steps, getting me calm and focused, gave me simple and practical tips, and taught me unexpected methods to get my creative juices flowing. It was precisely what I needed to boost my confidence and let myself loose on the writing process.

Mara Arnold

Yummy Mummy Makeovers

I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed writing during the Write Joyfully workshop. I will admit that I was stumped on how to get started on the first topic I had selected. Writer's block I guess. When Parrish encouraged us to find the inner passion, the words flowed onto the page and by the time I went to write the blog on volunteering, it wasn't difficult at all. I really did feel joy writing!

Hanne Madsen

Chair, GroYourBiz

Here are the common questions I get from people who are thinking of signing up:

Do I have to be on the Google Hangout for the entire workshop?

Generally, yes. We all stay on the Google Hangout throughout the workshop as part of the accountability and support. Of course we all take breaks for lunch or a quick workout (helps keep the brain sharp) but we spend most of our time “together”.

Since we're going to be on camera, do I need to look good?

Seriously, you don’t have to worry about your hair or makeup. We keep things pretty casual. Our time together is about our writing, not our appearance.

Is this workshop just for writing blog posts?

Absolutely not! You can use this workshop to write whatever you need to write and I will give you the appropriate feedback.

Got another question? Drop me a line and I’ll be happy to answer.

This is a 5 hour, intensive workshop focused on the creation of meaningful content that will inspire greatness in your audience.

The investment for the day is $247 and includes the workbook and post-workshop resources.


Refund Policy: If something comes up and you are no longer able to attend the workshop I offer full refunds up to 1 week prior to the workshop date. If you wish to withdraw less than 7 days before the workshop you’re welcome to transfer it to someone else but no refund will be issued within 7 days of the workshop. If for any reason I must cancel a workshop you may transfer into an upcoming Write Joyfully workshop.