Parrish Wilson, a white skinned woman, is standing on a stage wearing black jeans and and a lighter blazer. The image is in black and white.

At the the front of a group has long been one of my favourite places to be! Over the last twenty years I have facilitated trainings and workshops on mental health, sexual health, addictions, creativity, writing, parenthood, community building and communication.


I now offer bespoke trainings and workshops for organizations on the topics of mental health, parenthood and creativity. With particular joy, I infuse creativity in all of my group work, providing an opportunity for deeper integration and transformation for participants.

Why do you need Mental Health Training for your organization?


Mental health issues are present in every workplace and organization, with depression and anxiety alone costing the global workforce $1 trillion USD each year. Training in mental health at all organizational levels has shown to improve mental health at work with increased productivity, improved worker confidence and reduced absenteeism.

I craft creative & engaging trainings specific to the needs of each group drawing on common themes:


  • Trauma-Informed Mental Health 101
  • Combating Mental Health Stigma
  • Supporting Mental Health With Creativity
  • Guided Writing for Wellbeing
  • The Mind-Body-Soul Connection for Better Mental Health
  • Supporting Family Mental Health

With deceptively simple prompts, Parrish led me to a place inside me that I really needed to connect with in order to move forward with my mental health journey in a way that feels safer and more expansive. The way she brought together mental wellness, spirituality, and creativity opened doors in my mind and I am surprisingly excited to explore what’s beyond them!


Parrish is a dynamite and incredibly passionate speaker!  She captivated me from her first breath. She is truly a catalyst for action!


Nutrition Coach

It’s always an honour to work with a group and explore the topic of mental health in an open, compassionate and informed manner. Increasing awareness and understanding, while decreasing stigma and judgement, are the ways we create healthy change in our communities.

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Six logos for events where Parrish has spoken: PIvotal Help, Perth's Health & Wellness Event, Bellies to Babies Celebration, Fearless Freedom Summit, Introspection-Aholics, Modern Mama