Hey there, I’m Parrish Wilson and I’m a memoirist.

I write about all the juicy (and sometimes mundane) parts of my life mental health, motherhood, (real) self-love and self-compassion, feminism, dating, writing, adventures, friendship and modern womanhood. 

Parrish Wilson, a white woman, is sitting cross-legged in an armchair with a mug of tea.I’m also trained as a therapist, and through my master’s research, I identified 5 ways autobiographical writing supports our mental health and heals trauma: breaking the silence, controlling the narrative, being witnessed, connection with others and cathartic release.

I began my work in mental health in 2002 and across my career, I often worked with the most challenging and struggling individuals. I’ve seen how hard it is out there for so many. I know we need a different, better way of doing things. Creative practices move us toward happier, more fulfilled lives by offering a sense of meaning and opportunity for self-expression. 

So I write about my life, and support others to get perspective on theirs too. I run therapeutic writing workshops, a free writers’ membership and offer holistic writing support from a therapeutic perspective.

And some call me a Neurodivergence Navigator so stick around for that goodness too.

Parrish Wilson, a white woman with light brown hair, is lying on a couch with her head propped up on her hand. She is looking down and laughing.

Working with me in any capacity, you’ll benefit from the fact that I’m a total nerd!

My formal education has led to extensive studies on mental health, creativity, feminism and spirituality:

MA Counselling & Spirituality, St. Paul University
Graduate Diploma in Creative Writing, Humber School for Writers
BAHons Psychology & Women’s Studies, Carleton University
Diploma, Child & Youth Worker, St. Lawrence College

Informally, I’m a lifelong learner dedicated to a decolonized world and seek wise teachings from many including Maria Fakhouri, Elissa Bassist, Tracy Rodriguez, Sarah of Magdalene, and Meggan Watterson among many others.

Read me here…

Rewriting the Trauma Narrative: The Effectiveness of Autobiographical Writing in the Treatment of PTSD and Complex Trauma, St. Paul University, Ottawa (2022)

You Are Not Alone: An Anthology of Perinatal Mental Health Stories from Conception to Post-Partum, Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Collaborative (2021)

More Than a Zero, Women Who Inspire (2017)

Listen to me here…

Living with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, Phoenix Wisdom Podcast with Janet Sandberg