Finally, release the story weighing you down…

You know the story that circles around and around in your brain, OR the one you do everything you can to not think about? These painful stories, (whether we pay them attention or not), cause ongoing stress in our nervous system, leading to depression, anxiety, mood instability, chronic pain and chronic illness.

Releasing your story through the writing process can bring the mental and physical relief you desperately need.

Although talk therapy can provide a lot of support and healing, sometimes another approach is needed to truly free oneself from pain. Writing therapy is a powerful form of therapy that makes memories and feelings more concrete, leading to greater self-awareness, deeper understanding of past events and measurable cathartic release.

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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
Maya Angelou

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Writing Therapy gives you the chance to…

  • Break the silence of your story & be witnessed in a safe and supportive space
  • Experience cathartic release of both emotional & physical distress
  • Improve brain function as memories are integrated & emotions are processed

Hi! I’m Parrish, and I believe in the healing power of the written word. In my own life, and those of my clients, I consistently see it give support, clarity and much needed emotional release. As a writing therapist, I bring together over twenty years of experience working and writing in the field of mental health.

With each of my clients, I craft transformational writing experiences leading to deep personal transformation. However you feel pulled to write – journaling, memoir, poetry, essay or short story – I can give you the support you need to release the stories holding you back.

Some of my clients keep their writing private, whereas others desire to write something they can publish. For those clients I also offer trauma-informed editing and structural writing support.

Parrish Wilson, white woman is sitting at a table with one hand on a mug of tea and the other on a book which lies open on the table.

With deceptively simple prompts, Parrish led me to a place inside me that I really needed to connect with in order to move forward with my mental health journey in a way that feels safer and more expansive.


Parrish stood by me as I opened up my vulnerable space and listened to me when I had doubts. She re-assured me when I was confused and gave me space and time to unfold the truth in my work. I now understand what it means to write from my heart, thanks to her guidance. Parrish is truly one of a kind!


Working with Parrish, I felt like my ideas, my manuscript and the heartfelt desires I had for my readers were all held so tenderly in her caring and capable hands. My book would not have such depth, clarity and heart if it weren’t for her.


“Autobiographical writing is an attempt to master experiences of grief and psychic pain of various degrees and various types. Telling’s one’s story is a healing experience for anyone who has suffered and longed for a witness to that suffering.”
Sophia Richman, Psychoanalyst