How to Prepare to Write in 61 Excruciating StepsBecause we ALL have days like this…

  1. Sit down at your desk

2. Check your calendar and confirm it’s time to write

3. Open a blank document

4. Look at the blank page

5. Review your writing plan (if you have one)

6. Decide your writing plan is dumb OR Feel certain that if you had made a writing plan it would have been perfect

7. Look at the blank page

8. Go back and reorganize the document folder

9. Open Facebook

10. Scroll

11. Scroll

12. Comment

13. Scroll

14. Like

15. Scroll

16. Love

17. Scroll

18. Get a glass of water

19. Sit down at your desk

20. Sip water while staring at the blank document

21. Click over to email

22. Click back to document

23. Go make a cup of tea

24. Go to the bathroom

25. Put on some laundry

26. Stare out the window at the back garden that needs work

27. Go back to your desk and stare at the blank document

28. Write 1 crappy sentence.

29. Delete it

30. Remember you made tea

31. Find your now cold tea in the kitchen

32. Put on the kettle to make a new cup of tea (microwaving tea is just wrong)

33. Look in the fridge and put a few things on the grocery list

34. Go back to your desk with your tea and look at that damn blank document

35. Sip your tea while staring at that damn blank document

36. Check Facebook

37. Scroll

38. Scroll

39. Scroll

40. Go take a shower

41. Change the laundry, finding a load of dry clothes in the drier

42. Fold the clothes

43. Make lunch

44. Eat lunch

45. Go back to your desk and open up your email

46. Answer a couple emails, now you’re starting to feel productive

47. Click back over to the blank document

48. Pretend to tap your fingers on the keyboard

49. Open up Facebook

50. Scroll

51. Scroll

52. Scroll

53. Close your laptop

54. Stare out the window at the front garden that needs work

55. Check Instagram

56. Hit the yoga mat/Head out for a walk/Have a dance party

57. Open your laptop

58. Look at the blank document

59. Close your laptop

60. Walk away.

61. Commit to writing tomorrow.


The struggle is real.

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And then you finally get a piece written but your 5 year old throws a fit when you’re trying to edit and publish…

The struggle is so very real.

xo parrish