Sometimes we speak truths that we only know once we hear the words leave our lips. It was one of those moments. The other day, on the back couch in the late afternoon sun. A warm support on the other end of the phone.

“I want to blog and I want it to be fun!”


Yes, please.

I’m so sick of the rules. Of content marketing. Of online business. Of monetizing.

Of trying to position myself as an expert.

Fuck no.

No more.

I’m going to write whatever I want. And it’s going to be fun.

This space is for my own self-expression. That’s why I bought YEARS ago… knowing that one day I would create for the simple purpose of creating. Because that’s how I feel pulled to show up in the world.

Sometimes. And sometimes I don’t.

Sometimes I want to read, advocate, parent, binge Netflix, drink beer, walk in the sun, laugh, love. And all those wonderful things give me interesting ideas and stories to write about. So how about that. I’ll just write.

No more coaching. No more editing. No more positioning myself as someone who knows so much about writing. I just want to write, free of the pressures that come with trying to make an income from it. I want to be a student of writing rather than a teacher. I want to write for the simple sake of writing.

No more shoulds.

No more thoughts to the expectations of others.

I just want to show up to the page and play.

I just want to have some fun.